Frequently asked questions

We know that our customers are usually very busy and don't always have enough time for lengthy orientation. Since choosing a wedding or casual dress is not an everyday thing, we have collected the most important questions and will help to dispel initial uncertainties with our answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the frequently asked questions, please send us an e-mail to and we will help you personally!


What do I have to do if I want to make an appointment for a dress fitting at the Daalarna boutique in Budapest?


You can make an appointment by e-mail at, via the contact form on our website (APPOINTMENT), or by phone at +36 30 306 4094.


When should I start looking for a wedding dress?


Brides usually decide what to wear on the big day 6-8 months before their wedding. In general, we recommend our customers that if they already know the date of their wedding, it is worth getting information and visiting our store as soon as possible so that we have enough time to choose and make the dress. If you don't find your dream wedding dress during your first shopping appointment, don't panic, it is completely normal to take a few appointments to find a gown that fits your vibe. Everyone's experience is unique, so just keep in mind how long you think the process may take for you because dress production typically takes several months, which can mean limited options depending on how soon you're headed to the altara s sometimes we have to wait months for special fabrics to arrive from international manufacturers. Plan accordingly, and be sure to make your appointment ahead of time.


What are your opening hours?


Our boutique is open from Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 7 pm. Our store is closed on weekends.


The Daalarna Atelier and head office are only open on weekends as well, from 9 am to 5 pm.


Do I need an appointment or do you allow walk-ins?


Unfortunately, without an appointment, our guests cannot try on clothes, or even look around or buy accessories. We have designed our showroom in such a way that we can properly help only one guest at a time, we want each bride to receive undivided attention. You can request an appointment by clicking HERE. Your appointment request is final when our colleague confirms the appointment by e-mail.


Can I arrive earlier/later than the agreed time?

If you arrive earlier, we cannot prepare for your reception yet. Since our boutique is a cozy little store, the number of our seats is limited, we cannot provide adequate opportunities for those waiting. If you arrive late, of course we understand, but you can only try on clothes until the arrival of our next customer. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


What should I do if I can't go to my appointment?


Please, if you cannot come at your appointment, try to notify us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible so that we can cancel your trial and give the freed up time to another guest. We appreciate your attention!


What should I do if I can only visit you on weekends?


Our store is only open from Monday to Friday according to our standard opening hours. From time to time, during the main wedding dress search season, we also hold exclusive dress rehearsals on Saturdays called "Champagne Saturdays". Please inquire in advance by e-mail or phone whether such  special opportunity for a dress rehearsal is available.


Where is the boutique located?


Our shop is located in Budapest, in the 5th district, close to the Hungarian Parliament, on the corner of Alkotmány Street and Bihari János Street. The exact address is 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 16. You can park in the surrounding streets for a fee. For those arriving by public transport, the nearest stops are: Nyugati pályaudvar (metro no. 3), Kossuth Lajos tér (metro no. 2) or tram 4-6 (Nyugati pályaudvar).


Can I bring a large party to my appointment?


We advise that brides bring no more than 2-3 people to their appointment. We also find that too many opinions can be somewhat overwhelming when trying gowns and we would hate for this to detract from your experience. If you are able to keep your number of guests within our recommended limit it would be appreciated. You will appreciate the focused opinions of a trusted few!


How long does the first fitting/dress selection take?


We recommend an hour for the first meeting. One hour is perfectly enough to get to know our collection and to decide whether you like our clothes. During this time, we will also get to know your idea of ​​your wedding, your thoughts about your dream dress, and what you really want. It is important for us that you try on the clothes you have chosen to get to know our models, materials and special detail solutions. Of course, this one hour is not always enough to make a final decision, so you can come back several times.


What happens at the first meeting?


At the first meeting, we first ask you to tell us your ideas about your wedding and your dress. Important information for us is also what you specifically do not like. It's good if you prepare and choose some styles you like from our collection in advance. According to your idea, we also recommend models that you should try. At the end of the trial, we will give you a price quote for the selected dresses.


How many dresses can I try on?


You can try on as many dresses as you can in one hour time.


What should I do if I don't think the one hour is enough for the rehearsal?


Many people find it difficult to decide and choose. We also know that it is not easy to pay attention to so many things and take in so much information for the first time. However, a trial is usually enough to decide whether you want to order a wedding dress from us. Therefore, we are happy to offer that if one hour is not enough and you like our styles, you just need more time to choose, we can arrange another time to continue the trial. We are happy to see you several times until the final decision is made. If you are interestd in a custom design and need advice from our designer, you can request an appointment so that our chief designer or assistant desiger is also present.


Do I have to pay for the dress trial?


Dress trials are free of charge at Daalarna, there is no trial fee.


Who will I meet at my appointment?


Our boutique manager and wedding stylist will be waiting for you in the shop.


I want to meet the designer in person, what should I do?


If you would like to meet Daalarna designer Anita Benes, let our colleagues know in the store or contact us by e-mail and tell us your ideas in a few sentences so that we can prepare in advance. Our assitant designer is also available to help our brides regarding a custom dress.


Can I only choose from the existing collection?


The main profile of Daalarna is unique design and custom made wedding dresses. The existing sample pieces help you realize your own vision. You can even choose from the collection, but for most of our guests, we make every piece of clothing according to their needs. You have the opportunity to choose colours, materials, embellishmens and even to mix and match your own dress from several models. Of course, we will help you with our experise: if one of our clothes does not suit your body shape, but you really like it, we will come up with suggestions how to make it perfect for you. Often special tailoring can do wonders!


What size are the samples?


We usually make our sample pieces in sizes 36-38 (size S). In addition, we also have plus size samples in size 48 (Size XL). If these are not your measurements, you can still try on clothes, but not everything will fit you perfectly.


What size are wedding dresses made?


We can make our wedding dresses in any size. We take measurements and all Daalarna dresses are custom made to the body shape of our bride.


I want to have a custom dress, what should I do?


Contact us by phone or e-mail, tell us about your ideas or write them down and we will arrange an appointment with you. We can make any idea come true.


Are Daalarna dresses only made to measure?

Our clothes are always made to measure, even if the store sample is perfect. In some cases, it is possible to buy the original sample (for example, in the case of a short deadline).


Do you offer rental service?


We do not offer rental, also we do not have ready-made dresses in standard sizes for purches.


Can I buy sample dresses?


In some cases you can buy sample dresses from our collection: if the size is right for you (smaller adjustments are possible). However, we have samples that we can only make to order.


Can I get help in choosing accessories?


Yes, after choosing the perfect dress, we also advise you on choosing the right accessories to match the dress. Our collection includes unique veils, belts, toppers and headpieces. If you still can't find a suitable accessory, we are very happy to design one that matches the material and style of the dress.


How much do Daalarna dresses cost?


Our prices mainly depend on the selected styles, fabrics and the chosen technological solution. In case of individual orders, we design our models according to the ideas and aspects of our guests, so we have the opportunity to adjust the prices according to needs. If you would like to know prices for selected styles or just an estimate for your favorite dresses please write to  and send the photo of the selected dress or the style number found on the website.


If I find my "dream dress", what are the payment terms?


In case of an order, a 50% deposit must be paid, and the remaining balance must be paid before collection of the dress. You can pay by cash or bank transfer.


How long does it take to make a dress?


The ideal time to make a dress is 4-6 months. Often - mainly outside the high season – we can take rush orders. However, it is important to know that we cannot make the gowns so quickly in all cases. If you are planning your wedding in the main wedding season (from May to September), it is worth considering a production deadline of at least 4 months. Also, it is important to keep in mind that we often have to wait 3 months for our most beautiful and unique materials. Regarding express deadlines, please contact us by phone or e-mail, we will surely find a solution.


How many fittings are ideal for tailoring?


We usually recommend three fittings, this is usually enough. If our guest is coming from abroad or has a tight schedule, in some cases or in the case of certain models, fewer trials are sufficient to complete the dress.

What should I do if I'm on a diet?


Everyone wants to be the most beautiful at their wedding. If you only plan to lose a few kilos before the big day, we can follow it perfectly during the fittings. If, on the other hand, the weight loss is more than 5-6 kg, it can mean a difference of 1-2 sizes, which is more difficult for us to follow. That's why we recommend that you choose and order your dress so that we can make sure it is delivered by the requested deadline. On the other hand, we will start making the dress only in the last weeks, so that the shape change does not cause problems in the dressmaking. This way, you can lose weight and be sure that your clothes will fit you perfectly.


What should I do if I'm expecting a baby?


You can choose from our beautiful maternity collection, but we are happy to design a maternity dress based on any of our models. All we need to know is how far you are expected to be at your wedding. Based on our experience, we are happy to advise you special styles for mom-to-be-s.


How should I prepare for the dress rehearsal?


It helps us if you have an idea of ​​what kind of dress you want. It is worth checking out our collection on our website or social media pages before visitng us. It's okay if you're at a loss, we're here to help. It is usually advisable to come to the dress rehearsal in nude colour underwear, which is not disturbing under white clothes. It makes the fitting much easier if you arrive without makeup, as our fabrics are very sensitive, so you can get dressed much more easily. In very hot weather or if you run to us after work, we are happy to provide you with a cleaning cloth to make you feel more comfortable during the rehearsal, feel free to ask our colleagues.


I'm having a beach wedding, what can I choose from?


We also have styles specifically for beach weddings, where the most important aspect was the use of light, soft, natural materials, and we designed styles that are not too heavy on the beach. They can be worn even with sandals or bare feet. Ask for our suggestions in advance by e-mail, or our bridal stylists will be happy to show you the options in person.


Can you help with other outfits as well (bridesmaid, mother of the bride)?


Of course, we don't only think of brides when it comes to weddings. We are happy to make children's and adult bridesmaid dresses, and we always design their colours and materials to match the bride's dress.

Most of our evening collection is designed to be suitable for bridesmaids as well. Most of our guests change their clothes during the wedding, so it is important that the bride's dress is comfortable and sexy. It is a frequent request that it can be worn on other occasions as well. It can be a long evening dress or a short cocktail dress. Any of our models can be ordered in other colours.


Kindly note that we do not create men's clothing.


I live abroad, how can I order a Daalarna wedding dress?


If you have the opportunity to visit us in Budapest, we look forward to see you in our flagship store.

If you cannot travel to Hunagry, we recommend that you contact one of our international retailers, from whom you can order a Daalarna dress. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our stocksits do not carry all Daalarna styles and use their own sales policy.

If you have any questions regarding our dresses, please contact the closest retailer to you directly and they will be happy to help! You can find the list of our partner boutiques HERE.


How can I buy Dream by Daalarna and Batz X Daalarna products?


You can order our ready-to-wear products in person at Daalarna Atelier in Budapest (1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 23.) or online in our webshop with a few clicks.


How long does it take to deliver the webshop products?


The delivery time depends on whether the product is in stock or made to order. The delivery time of products in stock within Hungary is on average 3-4 working days. If the product is made to order, the delivery time can be 2-4 weeks. If the production time is extended for reasons beyond our control, we will always notify you by e-mail.


What are the delivery and payment options in the webshop?


In the case of online shopping, you can choose from several delivery and payment methods. Click HERE for details.


Can I return webshop products?


Regarding exchanges, returns, warranty legal questions, please click on the RETURNS menu item or read the General Terms and Conditions.


How can I contact you if I have any questions?


If you would like to inquire about wedding or evening dresses, send us an e-mail at, but you can also reach us by phone at +36 30 306 4094.


In the case of webshop orders, you can contact us at