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Model: Daisy-36
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One of the most distinctive pieces in the collection, this model is designed for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. A true collector's item, it features unique 3D appliqués and beaded flowers. The chunky, sporty sole contrasts perfectly with the light, floral upper, creating a striking off-white design. In designing these shoes, we prioritized using materials that are not only durable but also complement an off-white wedding dress.

The captivating designs are shaped by Daalarna's signature elegance, while Batz’s decades of expertise ensure premium quality with no compromise on excellent materials and innovative solutions.

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·      Designer model with 3D beaded flowers

·      Light, flexible Vibram sole

·      Anatomical design

·      Replaceable bamboo insole

·      Genuine leather upper

·      Off-white colour

·   Comes with spare laces

·      This product is made to order with a lot of handwork, so the delivery time is longer than other models, on average 60 days. Please place your order by accepting the delivery deadline!